Petitioners’ Sworn Statements
AGAINST Javier Manjarres

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Lisa Kurth Case

Lisa Kurth Petitioner v. Javier Manjarres Respondent 

“I have physical fear of him and physical fear of my safety. …

He has been driving by my house, calling and texting nonstop – he is ready to snap and I’m in physical fear of my safety at this point.”


Javier’s Own Brother Sought Protection from Javier’s Domestic Violence

Arturo Manjarres Petitioner vs. Javier Fabian Manjarres Respondent

“…Last year he attempted to murder my sister’s ex-boyfriend in his car as he shot numerous rounds in the vehicle.  ..




Wendy L Lutheran Petitioner vs. Javier Manjarres Respondent

“Javier has entered my building and on my floor [secured] numerous times without my knowledge or invitation.

 His erratic/disturbing behavior has me fearful for my safety.

Javier has a history of stalking and attempted murder charges.”


Yuliya Engle Petitioner vs. Javier Manjarres Respondent

Petition for Injunction for Protection Against Stalking

“Javier Manjarres made an attempt to break through my front door..”

Yuliya asked the court to not allow Javier anywhere her minor child attends school and anywhere she was employed.


Attempted Murder Police Report-compressed



Brenda-Kerr-3 (2)

Manjarres Burglary With Assault Palm Beach County
Lutheran v Manjarres Petition 5-31-17 Dating Violence
Kurth v Manjarres Petition Domestic Violence 7-10-08
Engle v Manjarres Petition 1-9-17 Stalking Violence
Arturo Manjarres v Manjarres Petition 1-9-18 Domestic Violence


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